7650 lux and UV meter

7650 lux and UV meter


The 7650 lux and UV meter measures and displays visible light (Lux or Foot candles), UV light (mW/M² and µW/lumen).

Traditionally UV has been measured in museums as the proportion of ultraviolet present. The damage is done by the total amount of UV falling on the object, so it is useful to be able to measure this directly. This makes the 7650  lux and UV meter essential for museum monitoring as it displays proportional UV (µW/lumen) and the total amount of UV (mW/M²) at the touch of a button.

This handheld is also available with data logging capacity for over 70,000 readings of all 4 parameters in the form of Elsec 7605C. When logging data the 765C can be turned off to save power and the built in clock will turn the unit on whenever a reading needs to be taken, this enables a 765C to be left taking readings for months at a time. No special software is required, logged information is stored on an internal USB Flash disc and the data can be downloaded onto a PC and viewed with any spreadsheet (Excel etc.). A free application (RView) is also available for download that displays the data as a zoom able graph that can be saved as an image for inclusion in documents and/or printed.

The lead time of the 7650/C is 2 to 3 working days.

7650 lux and UV meter

£505.00(inc VAT £606)

7650c lux and UV meter with logging facility

£625.00(inc VAT £750)
7650 lux and UV meter 7650c lux and UV meter with logging facility
Brand elsec elsec
Weight 240g 240g
Dimensions 150-x-60-x-15-mm 150-x-60-x-15-mm
Display yes yes
Accuracy visible-±5-±-1-displayed-digit-uv-±15-±-1-displayed-digit visible-±5-±-1-displayed-digit-uv-±15-±-1-displayed-digit
Calibration Options return-to-manufacturer return-to-manufacturer
Logging Facility 7650c-only yes
Battery Type 4-x-aaa-mains-charger-available 4-x-aaa-mains-charger-available
Memory Size
Battery Life 25hrs-or-3000-readings 25hrs-or-3000-readings
Measurement Range visible-400-700nm-uv-300-400nm visible-400-700nm-uv-300-400nm
Power Range visible-0-1-200000-lux-uv-2-10000-mwm2-proportional-uv-0-10000-wlumen visible-0-1-200000-lux-uv-2-10000-mwm2-proportional-uv-0-10000-wlumen
Functions holdmaxmin-luxfcuv holdmaxmin-luxfcuv
Auto Off yes yes


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