ETI data logger
ETI data logger

ETI data logger


The HTB and HTD temperature and humidity loggers offers excellent accuracy with a memory capacity of 16000 readings.

The HTD unit has a display showing the current temperature and humidity readings as well as indicators for logging status and the breaching of user defined alarm limits. The HTB logger is the blind variant with no display. With the docking cradle and easy to use software you’ll be up and logging in no time.

Accessories include a protective rubber boot and coloured seals to help identify the loggers.

HTB data logger

£80.00(inc VAT £96)

HTD data logger

£90.00(inc VAT £108)

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£45.00 (inc VAT £54.00)
£2.50 (inc VAT £3.00)
HTB data logger HTD data logger
Brand eti eti
Weight 80g 80g
Dimensions 76-x-76-x-23-mm 76-x-76-x-23-mm
Display 1344
Accuracy ±2-rh-±1c ±2-rh-±1c
Calibration Options self-calibration-or-return-to-meaco self-calibration-or-return-to-meaco
Logging Facility yes yes
Memory Size 16000-readings 16000-readings
Battery Type 3-6v-half-aa-lithium 3-6v-half-aa-lithium
Battery Life 2-years-min 2-years-min
Measurement Range 0-100rh-20-to-85c 0-100rh-20-to-85c
Features easy-to-use-software easy-to-use-software
For Use With thermadata-software thermadata-software


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