Rotronic HL20 data logger
Rotronic HL20 data loggerRotronic HL20 data logger

Rotronic HL20 data logger


The most accurate logger from Meaco.

The HL20 series of data loggers have an amazing accuracy of ±0.8%rh and ±0.2°C.  The sensor is based on the Rotronic Airchip 3000 which is used in Rotronics HygroClip 2 probes giving the HL20 series unrivalled accuracy and stability.

The memory can store 20,000 pairs of readings which is almost seven months of logging at 15 minute intervals.

The HL20D has an LCD display showing the current readings as well battery and logger status whereas the HL20 is the non-display version and both models feature an alarm function to indicate when conditions have exceeded their limits.

The logger can also be calibrated and adjusted using the HW4 software which reduces costs, calibration downtime and ensures continuous reliability of readings. The HW4 software used to set up and download the loggers is free to download.

The set includes the software download and the cable which is specific to the HL20 logger series.

The HL20 series raises the standard in terms of accuracy and when you need precision, this is the logger of choice.

HL20 Logger

£242.00(inc VAT £290.4)

HL20-D Logger

£280.00(inc VAT £336)

HL20-D Set 1

£323.00(inc VAT £387.6)
HL20 Logger HL20-D Logger HL20-D Set 1
Brand rotronic rotronic rotronic
Weight 400g 400g 400g
Dimensions 130-x-72-x-32-mm 130-x-72-x-32-mm 130-x-72-x-32-mm
Display d-variant-only d-variant-only d-variant-only
Accuracy ±0-8-rh-±0-2c ±0-8-rh-±0-2c ±0-8-rh-±0-2c
Calibration Options self-calibration-with-kit-return-to-meaco self-calibration-with-kit-return-to-meaco self-calibration-with-kit-return-to-meaco
Logging Facility yes yes yes
Memory Size 40000-readings 40000-readings 40000-readings
Battery Type 3-x-aa-1-5v-alkaline 3-x-aa-1-5v-alkaline 3-x-aa-1-5v-alkaline
Battery Life 1-year 1-year 1-year
Measurement Range 0-100rh-0-50c 0-100rh-0-50c
Features programmable-alarm-limits-start-and-stop-logging-at-the-touch-of-a-button programmable-alarm-limits-start-and-stop-logging-at-the-touch-of-a-button programmable-alarm-limits-start-and-stop-logging-at-the-touch-of-a-button
For Use With hw4-lite-software hw4-lite-software hw4-lite-software


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