RTR wireless base stations
RTR wireless base stationsRTR wireless base stationsRTR wireless base stations

RTR wireless base stations


The RTR 500 base stations are designed to work with the RTR 500 series of loggers. The base stations turn the loggers into a wireless logging system offering flexibility and convenience. The AW is the wireless LAN version and is suitable where the distance between the logger and the PC is short (150m unobstructed line of site) but this can be extended by the using the RTR 500 as a repeater. Lead time for T & D products is approximately 5 working days.


£305.00(inc VAT £366)


£195.00(inc VAT £234)


£230.00(inc VAT £276)

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RTR500AW RTR500Base RTR500DC
Brand t-and-d t-and-d t-and-d
Weight 120g 71g 127g
Dimensions 83-x-102-x-28-mm 96-x-65-x-25-mm 125-x-58-x-26-mm
Display no no yes
Frequency 869-7-870mhz 869-7-870mhz 869-7-870mhz
Battery Type na-ac-adapter 4-x-aa 2-x-aaa
For Use With all-rtr-series-data-loggers all-rtr-series-data-loggers all-rtr-series-data-loggers
Battery Life 6-months 96-hours-of-continued-use