Tinytag View 2 TV4500/1
Tinytag View 2 TV4500/1

Tinytag View 2 TV4500/1


The same excellent quality as you have come to expect from Tinytag loggers with the benefit of a real time display and an IP65 splash proof case.

The logger shows the current temperature and humidity readings as well as a low battery warning. The View 2 is available in a bright blue (TV4500) or a more subtle grey (TV4501) where discreet monitoring is required. As with all Tinytag loggers, the Tinytag View 2 uses the popular Tinytag Explorer software.

Variants of the View 2 include temperature only, voltage, current as well the availability sensors on extension leads.  Please contact us for details.

Tinytag TV4501 data logger - grey

£165.00(inc VAT £198)

Tinytag TV4500 data logger - blue

£165.00(inc VAT £198)

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£99.00 (inc VAT £118.80)
£65.00 (inc VAT £78.00)
Tinytag TV4500 data logger - blue Tinytag TV4501 data logger - grey
Brand tinytag tinytag
Weight 85g 85g
Dimensions 65-x-90-x-35-mm 65-x-90-x-35-mm
Display yes yes
Accuracy ±3rh-±0-5c ±3rh-±0-5c
Calibration Options self-calibration-return-to-meaco-or-manufacturer self-calibration-return-to-meaco-or-manufacturer
Logging Facility yes yes
Memory Size 30000-readings 30000-readings
Battery Type half-aa-lithium-3-6v half-aa-lithium-3-6v
Battery Life approx-12-months approx-12-months
Measurement Range 0-100-rh-20c-to-50c 0-100-rh-20c-to-50c
Features available-in-a-blue-or-grey-enclosure available-in-a-blue-or-grey-enclosure
For Use With tinytag-explorer-software tinytag-explorer-software


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