Airvax air purifier

Airvax Air Purifier


The Meaco Airvax offers protection against fine dusts, exhaust gases from cars, VOCs, virus, MRSA, moulds, bacteria, tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide and pet dander.  The Meaco Airvax has been tested extensively by independent test houses and has been scientifically proven to be not only effective against the above pollutants but more effective than numerous other more expensive air purifiers.

  • Meaco Air Purifier
  • Covers 25 square metres
  • Cleans the air and has been independently proven to perform better than many other more expensive air purifiers
  • Traps smaller particles than a standard HEPA filter
  • Collects pollens, moulds, bacteria, MRSA, smells + allergens
  • Also captures VOCs
  • Does not release particles back into the room once captured.
  • Destroys bacteria and allergens in the filter
  • Does not create Ozone
  • Very quiet
  • Filter replacement interval of up to 3 years, saving you a fortune in replacement filters

In independent tests the internationally patented Airvax Static Electricity Film Filter (SEFF) has proven its ability to remove from the air particles <0.25µ (in fact catching particles as small as 0.1µ is possible). As well as dust particles the SEFF can remove smells, moulds, virus, carbon monoxide, tobacco smoke, car exhaust gases, allergens, formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, pollens, germs and bacteria. A list of irritants that is hard for any other air purifier to beat, especially at this price point.


**The AirVax has been discontinued. Stock levels are LOW – please get in touch BEFORE placing your order**

Airvax Air Purifier - White

£120.00(inc VAT £144)

Airvax Air Purifier – White