25l low energy dehumidifier
Meaco 25L Low EnergyMeaco 25L Low EnergyMeaco 25L Low EnergyMeaco 25L Low Energy

Meaco 25L Low Energy

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£249.99 (inc VAT £299.99)

The Meaco 25L Low Energy Dehumidifier is the latest in the Meaco Platinum range. With a large tank and features such as a child lock to stop helpful hands altering the settings, an auto-start function meaning that the unit is ideal for use with a controller and an energy saving DC motor the largest of the low energy units is an ideal choice for larger stores and display areas.

The dehumidifier as a choice of four humidistat settings:

  • Humidistat Mode – choose your target relative humidity between 30 and 80%rh
  • Laundry Mode – makes use of the 280m³/hour fan speed provide extra drying power and air circulation
  • Quiet mode – reduces the fan speed to low and turns off the bleeper
  • Auto mode – regulates the compressor and fan speed depending on the room humidity to maintain a comfortable environment.

The dehumidifier has an electronic display showing current conditions and providing access to the set up menu. It also as an air cleaning ioniser and an off timer allowing you to leave the unit running for upto 12 hours before it will automatically switch off.

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Meaco 25L Low Energy Dehumidifier

£249.99 (inc VAT £299.99)

Meaco 25L Low Energy Dehumidifier

Auto Restart


Variant Name

Meaco 25L Low Energy Dehumidifier



  • 13.6 litres in Laundry Mode @ 26.7°C - 60%rh
  • 26.4 litres in Laundry Mode @ 30.0°C - 80%rh

38 x 29 x 65

Fan Speeds

Humidistat Mode, Laundry Mode, Quiet Mode, Auto Mode


Humidistat Mode, Laundry Mode, Quiet Mode, Auto Mode Display: Yes, DC Motor, large extraction rate, high air flow and energy efficient compressor. Child Lock, Ioniser, Autorestart, Energy Efficient.


yes – internal

Operating Temperature

+5°C / +35°C

Power Consumption

330w depending on running mode

Water Reservoir

5 litres




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