B125 humidifier

Brune B125 humidifier

£170.00 (inc VAT £204.00)

The Brune B125 humidifier is an evaporative humidifier in its simplest form.

The Brune B125 humidifier is designed for rooms up to 150m³ and comes from the award winning range of humidifiers from our German colleagues. It is constructed in a modular fashion which makes user servicing quick and simple as the humidifier can be dismantled without tools.

This unit is excellent for smaller spaces and stores with its compact design and low noise level. As this humidifier does not feature its own humidistat, you can either utilise your own existing controller or alternatively you could use the Brune humidistat, LAE controller, Conservation Heating Humidistat or the MeacoStat, all of which are sold separately.

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Brune humidistat – the Brune B125 humidifier does not come with it own humidistat. This means that the humidifier will be either on or off at the press of a button and not respond directly to the current humidity levels.  By using a humidistat like the one specially developed by Brune for this unit you can leave the humidifier to decide when it needs to work to achieve the level you set,  Provided that the water level is topped up as required you can then leave the humidifier to do its job.

Foam filters – the Brune B125 humidifier come with a paper filter as standard.  We recommend you swap to a foam filter as soon as possible. The foam filters have a longer life span and are less prone to sagging in high limescale areas.  The filters in all humidifiers should be changed at least annually.  The exact frequency will depend on how hard the units work, how dusty the environment and how hard the water in the local area.

Waterfresh – humidifiers can be prone to algae and bacterial growth under the right conditions – as with any standing water. This is nothing to worry about a regular cleaning regime and changes of water will help reduce this. The Waterfresh additive provides an extra barrier to algae growth and also helps the evaporation process so improving the efficiency of the machine.A small amount in each full water change will keep your water clean and fresh.

B125 humidifier

£170.00 (inc VAT £204.00)

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£23.00 (inc VAT £27.60)
£23.00 (inc VAT £27.60)
£118.00 (inc VAT £141.60)

B125 humidifier






450 x 285 x 298 mm


dependant on controller used


Display: No, Water reservoir: 10l, Capacity: 950g/hr, Suitable for spaces up to 145 cubic meters, Power Consumption: 25watts.



Water Reservoir

10 litre

Continuous Drainage


Control Areas Up To

approx. 145 meters³


950g/h at 25°C and 20% rh

Noise Level

approx. 34 dB

Auto Off

only when used with a controller

Auto Restart

only when used with a controller

Fan Speeds


For Use With

Brune humidistat

Power Consumption

25 watts



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