Testo 174 data logger

Testo 174 data logger


The Testo 174H is a compact and robust data logger for recording temperature and humidity.

Measuring just 60mm x 37mm x 20mm the 174H is discreet and with the included wall mount the logger can be secured virtually anywhere giving you the flexibility to install it anywhere where a larger logger would be ungainly. It has enough memory to record 8000 pairs of readings giving you just over 83 days worth of data at 15 minute intervals. The easy to read display will also show alarms when pre set conditions have been breached.

The 174H is powered by two CR 2032 lithium batteries which gives it a battery life of 1 year if recording at 15 minute intervals. What’s even better is that batteries are readily available and inexpensive helping to save long term running costs.

It has an accuracy of ±3% with excellent long term stability giving you confidence in the data collected. Testo are renowned for manufacturing exceptional quality instruments and the 174H continues that trend. To use this logger you will need a USB docking station and software which is available as a free download. Every 174H includes a wall mount and batteries.

Testo 174 set

£149.00(inc VAT £178.8)

Testo 174 data logger

£85.00(inc VAT £102)

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Testo 174 data logger Testo 174 set
Brand testo testo
Dimensions 60 x 38 x 19 mm 60 x 38 x 19 mm
Display yes yes
Accuracy ±3rh ±0 5c ±3rh ±0 5c
Logging Facility yes yes
Memory Size 16000 readings 16000 readings
Battery Type 2 x cr2032 2 x cr2032
Measurement Range 0 100 rh 20c to 70c 0 100 rh 20c to 70c
Features very discrete logger with lockable wall mount very discrete logger with lockable wall mount
For Use With testo comsoft software testo comsoft software
Calibration Options self calibration or return to meaco

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