Tr74ui data logger

TR74Ui data logger


The TR74Ui data logger is part of the TR-7 logger range. These loggers offer multi-function recording of temperature, Lux, UV and humidity in two accuracy options (±2%rh and ±5%rh). The logger can be set to display all four readings as well as cumulative lux and UV on an alternating pattern.

Th TR74Ui data logger also displays battery status, logging mode and amount of logged data. This ensures that you know exactly what is happening both with your environmental conditions and with the logger itself – no nasty surprises! The unit is powered with a single AA battery and has an 8000 readings set memory capacity which will give you almost three months monitoring at a 15 minute logging interval. The TR range come with free software and cable so you have everything you need to start logging your conditions in one neat package.

Lead time for T & D products is approximately 5 working days

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T&D Data Collector TR-57DCi – not only can recorded data be easily downloaded to a PC via USB communication, but it can also be collected from data loggers via infrared communication to our T&D Data Collector TR-57DCi (sold separately). The TR-57DCi enables the user to gather and check recorded data on the spot without having to manually gather the data loggers. This is excellent for when you need to monitor in hard to reach places or within display cases which are difficult to open.

TR74Ui-H Data Logger +/- 2% RH

£325.00(inc VAT £390)

TR74Ui Data Logger +/-5%RH

£260.00(inc VAT £312)
TR74Ui Data Logger +/-5%RH TR74Ui-H Data Logger +/- 2% RH
Brand t and d t and d
Weight 62g 62g
Dimensions 55 x 78 x 18 mm 55 x 78 x 18 mm
Display yes yes
Accuracy ±5rh ±05c ±5lux ±5uv ±2 5rh ±05c ±5lux ±5uv
Logging Facility yes yes
Memory Size 8000 data sets 8000 data sets
Battery Type 1 x aa 1 x aa
Battery Life approx 6 months approx 6 months
Measurement Range 0 99 rh 30c to 80c 0 130000 lux 0 30mwcm² uv 0 99 rh 30c to 80c 0 130000 lux 0 30mwcm² uv
For Use With tr 57dci data collector tr 57dci data collector

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