Meaco Narrowband Receiver
Meaco Narrowband ReceiverMeaco Narrowband Receiver

Meaco Narrowband Receiver

The Receiver is designed to collect, process and transfer data sent from transmitters and/or repeaters (if used) as part of the Meaco Telemetry System.

The receiver can be connected to a PC via serial or USB port (adapter required) and a host PC can have as many receivers attached to it as it has COM ports. The receiver can also be connected to a host PC via a LAN network by using an Ethernet to Serial adapter adding to its flexibility. When connected to the host PC the receiver continuously transfers received data to the computers hard drive. Should the connection be interrupted (by nightly PC shutdown or power cuts for example) then the on-board memory and battery backup will provide continuity of data collection.

A series of LED’s indicate the status of the receiver whether it is working in normal mode, logging mode, receiving transmissions or running on its internal battery – thus providing status information at a glance.

The aerial is a specially designed 3 dB aerial which ensures maximum range and has a clip fitment for easy attachment. The receiver is also available with wall mounting brackets should these be required.

Narrowband Receiver

Narrowband Receiver


Meaco Measurement & Control




62 x 157 x 199 mm



Logging Facility

logged straight to PC and 256k memory

Memory Size




For Use With

Meaco Wireless Monitoring System, MeacoStat

Power Consumption

350 mA