STX Transmitter

STX Transmitter

The STX transmitter is part of the Meaco Telemetry System and uses a precision temperature and humidity sensor which is accurate to ±2%rh (±0.3°C) which is integral to the transmitter thus allowing a smaller and neater outline.

Available in either a black or white enclosure the STX transmitter ensures discreet and reliable monitoring in display cases and public spaces as well as stores and archives. Transmitter address and transmission intervals can be programmed by the user without the need for any further equipment and the units can be wall mounted or left free-standing.

The STX is also available with a Lux and UV sensor (SLTX) and the display will then show a continuous flow of all four readings (temperature / humidity / lux / UV). This enables more cost efficient monitoring of all conditions in one compact unit. The STX has a clear display showing the latest readings as well as having a low battery warning and a transmission indicator.

During range tests we have achieved distances in excess of 9.5km over open ground, over three times the stated range of our largest competitor!

STX Transmitter

STX Transmitter


Meaco Measurement & Control




85 x 70 x 40 mm




±2%rh / ±0.3°C

Calibration Options

Self calibration or return to Meaco

Logging Facility

logged straight to PC



Battery Type

4 x AA

Battery Life

2 years min

Measurement Range

0-100%rh / -10 to 55°C

For Use With

Meaco Wireless Monitoring System, MeacoStat