160 TH front
Testo 160 TH WiFi dataloggerTesto 160 TH WiFi dataloggerTesto 160 TH WiFi dataloggerTesto 160 TH WiFi dataloggerTesto 160 TH WiFi datalogger

Testo 160 TH WiFi datalogger

£180.00 (inc VAT £216.00)

The Testo 160 TH WiFi datalogger

Designed specifically for the Museum and Heritage sector the new Testo 160 TH WiFi data logger offers a fantastic new alternative to the traditional datalogger.

With integrated temperature and humidity sensors, the 160 TH offers you live environmental monitoring of the indoor environment for the price of a traditional data logger.  There is even an option for paintable deco cases so the logger can blend seamlessly into the background.  Every 160 WiFi logger includes a wall mount to ensure the logger can be securely attached to a variety of surfaces.


Testo Cloud Software

The data is cloud-hosted so can be accessed from anywhere with internet access – whether that be your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Viewing data in either a tabular or graphical format the software is easy to use and has the option of a free or advanced licence which costs only a couple of pounds per logger per month,

Automatic reports (Advanced Licence) – With Testo Cloud loggers you are sent reports automatically, via email. This way you aren’t required to manually extract any data from your loggers, saving you time and inconvenience. These can be sent daily, weekly or monthly (it’s up to you!).

Free email & SMS alerts – Email alerts are unlimited and you will receive 25 free SMS alerts a year (per logger). If you require more SMS messages than this additional SMS bundles are available for purchase.


24 month warranty

As standard, we offer an extended warranty for 160 loggers so you can also relax knowing you’re covered for a 2 year period.



Testo 160 TH WiFi datalogger

£180.00 (inc VAT £216.00)

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Battery Type

4 x AAA (mains charger available)

  • Advanced software option
  • Automated reports on Advanced licence only
  • Free cloud hosted software
  • Free email alerts
  • SMS alerts on Advanced licence only
For Use With

Saveris 2 Software

Battery Life

1.5 years

Memory Size

32,000 readings


76 x 64 x 22 mm




±0.5 °C / ±2.0 %RH at +25.0 °C and 20 to 80 %RH